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baby shower perfume bar party

Meet the Fragrance Mixologist and Owner of Perfume Bar Soiree

owner of Perfume Bar Soiree

Perfume Bar Soiree designed with you and your brand in mind, great for baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, grand openings, fashion & corporate events!

We Bring The Perfume Bar Soiree To You for Your Event!

My name is Yolanda Thayer and I'm the face behind Perfume Bar Soiree. For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by scent and design. I will host a Perfume Bar Soiree for you, or you can order a do it yourself kit.

I am a mother & wife first, but also a Make-up artist and Hair artist and owner of Primadonnamakeover Hair & Make-up & Spa Parties on location & owner of Perfume Bar Soiree & DIY Nail Polish Bar Party. About 14 years ago I went to the South of France with my Parents & Husband and visited Grasse in France which is the Capital of Perfume in the world. I took a tour and took a class and fell in love with perfume making and took several other classes through out the years, then Perfume Bar Soiree was created! Then my dream came true, A custom perfume is what a Haute Couture is to fashion. It's a custom made scent to your liking, it reflects you and your personality. Perfumery to me is an adventure-it's an art-it engages all senses. A lot goes into blending and building a scent bouquet, blend notes, listening with the nose and deciding which one connects with you.

So I wanted to combined both- the experience of creating your very own unique signature scent and soiree that reflects your event theme and story.

  So you and your guest will enjoy the Journey of Smell, Blend, Bottle & Name Your Very Own Unique Perf ume..                                 

Host a Perfume Bar Soiree (party) Now! A travel fee will be added to the party & 20% gratuity to total. a deposit will be taken to save your date..

Order a DIY Perfume Bar Kit Now!


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