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perfume Soiree essential oils

Essential Oils & Notes

The "Top Notes" are the aromas that are perceived immediately on application of a perfume on your skin.

Orange                            Basil

Coriander                        Rose




Anise                              Grapefruit

Citronella                       Peppermint


The "Middle Notes" are aromas that are alsocalled "Heart notes" will be left on the skin after the top noteshave faded. The "Middle Notes" will influence the base notes, helping to temper the heavy base notes making them less harsh and more ethereal. "Middle Notes"are often floral, fruity & green. Choose "Middle Notes" that you think will complement the base note.

Clove                                Honeysuckle

Rose                                 Pikaki

Violet                             Water Lilly

Green Tea                      White Tea

The "Base Notes" are aromas that have a long lasting, fixative effect. The "Base Notes" will be left on the skin after the top notes have dissipated and the "Middle Notes" have faded. It is the foundation of your perfume.Choose the Top Note & Middle Note that you think will complement the "Base Note".

Cedar wood                 Vanilla

Myrrh                           Tobacco

Amber                           Sandalwood

Green Tea                      Patchouli

Perfume gives a woman her signature scent, but making your own is even more personalized. Yes, Dolce and Gabbana and Chanel No. 5 smell amazing, but your own fragrance can smell just as nice. With a good quality base oil and variety of natural essential oils, you can create perfumes to suit your personality and moods.

Examples of Scents (Types & Notes)

Where to apply perfume:

Painted by Ann Affolter Byrne

Do you have a signature scent? Is it fruity or floral? Citrusy or sweet? A fragrance is created with a specific mood in mind, so the ones you wear the most say a lot about you. Want to discover your perfume personality? Read on!

1. Musk Musky perfumes are rich, powdery, strong and long-lasting. They are designed to make the wearer feel sexy and seductive, and are perfect for date nights. Women who like musky scents are openly sensual, often wild and lovers of all things vintage.Best for: Evenings, cold climates, special occasions MDC Product Pick: Kiehl’s Musk Eau de Toilette Spray Perfume pro-tip: Apply your perfume on your neck, the backs of your earlobes, your wrists and behind your knees.

2. Citrus If you like to wear citrusy scents, you’re probably a morning person. Bubbly and bright, citrus-scent lovers are full of energy and always eager to take on a challenge. They’re natural-born leaders, positive thinkers and organized.Best for: Daytime, spring weather, outdoor activities MDC Recommends: Maison Martin Margiela Parfums (Untitled) L’eau Perfume pro-tip: Store your scents in a cool, dry place. Sunlight and heat can diminish a perfume’s potency.

3. Fruity Fruity scents are fresh, light and sweet. Lovers of this airy aroma are the life of the party. These fun-loving social butterflies know how to have a good time — and know how to make others feel welcome and included. Fruity-fragrance fanatics love to be surrounded by people and can throw a fabulous fête at a moment’s notice.Best for: Daytime, work events, garden parties MDC Recommends: Lancôme La Vie est Belle Perfume pro-tip: If eau de parfum is too strong for you, try wearing a scented body lotion instead.

4. Floral Floral bouquets are decidedly feminine, and women who wear them aren’t afraid to embrace their girly side. Floral-fragrance wearers are elegant, romantic and idealistic. Always the first in line to see the latest rom-com, they will never give up on the idea of true love.Best for: Daytime, warm weather, picnics, lunches MDC Recommends: Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance Perfume pro-tip: Spritzing your fragrance onto freshly moisturized skin will make the scent last longer.

5. Woody/Leathery Wearers of woody scents are no-nonsense through and through. They are as down-to-earth as they come and never frivolous. What you get is what you see: Wearers of woody fragrances are open books who pride themselves on being forthright and fearless. Never afraid to bring some tough love to the table, they always tell it like it is.Best for: Evening, cool weather, special occasions MDC Recommends: YSL Noble Leather What’s your perfume personality? Share it with us in the comments!

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