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DIY Perfume Bar Party Kits in a Box 
5 Different DIY Kits Below.
The Perfect Way to Host A DIY Perfume Bar Soiree 
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Chanel No - Inspired

DIY Perfume Bar Kit MUST be ordered two weeks before your Perfume Party. If you want a unique and fun activity for your guest to create their own favors to take home from your party or event look no further! Create a Perfume Bar Party and let your friends play perfumer! It's a creative way to break the ice among your guests and they'll remember your event each time they wear the perfume later on!

10 Guest Kit $189.99 DIY party kits in a Box
12 Fragrance Oils
5 or 10 10ml  roll on bottles
Scent Strip (50)
Carrier Coconut Oil 
Fragrance Wheel  Included
Recipe Cards

Kit: #2
15 Guest Kit $239.99 DIY party kits in a Box
20 Guests Kit $269.99 DIY party kits in a Box
12 Fragrance Oils 
15 or 20 Bottles 
10ml roll-on bottles 
Scent Strips (100)
Carrier Coconut Oil or 
Perfume Alcohol
Fragrance Wheel included
Recipe Cards

Kit: #3
30 Guest Kit $369.99 DIY party kits in a Box
40 Guests Kit $469.99 DIY party kits in a Box
13 Fragrance Oils 
30 or 40 Bottles  
10ml roll-on bottles
Scent Strips (200)
Carrier Coconut Oil or
Perfume Alcohol
Fragrance Wheel included
Recipe Cards

Kit: #4
50 Guests Kit $549.99 DIY party kits in a Box
13 Fragrance Oils
50 Bottles  
10ml roll-on bottles
Scent Strips(200)
Carrier Coconut Oil or
Perfume Alcohol 
Fragrance Wheel Included
Recipe Cards

Kit: #5 
60 Guest Kit $589.99 DIY party kits in a Box
70 Guest Kit $689.99
80 Guest Kit $789.99
90 Guest Kit $889.99
& 100 Guest Kit $1,138
500 Guest Kit $$$ DIY party kits in a Box
 All Kits for Larger Parties will be Custom made.
Please call for Special Order Kits.

Kit: #6  
The Manly Cologne Kit $ 69.99

This kit contains everything you need to make a classic masculine earthy cologne features top notes of citrus and bergamot, a ginger and base notes of vetiver, cedar wood and amber and tobacco . It is more of an evening scent.
1/4 oz  essential oil
1/8 oz of the other six listed in the recipe below
1 oz perfumer's alcohol
9 ml green glass roll-on-bottle with black cap
15 ml rectangle glass cologne bottle
2 empty 1 dram vials with droppers
perfumer's funnel
20 scent strips
5 formula cards
introduction to Artisan perfumery pamphlet

Kit # 7 
Perfumer's Mixology Palette ( 12)

Blending Made Easy for You!

Are you interested in perfume blending but you don't understand on the science behind creating your own scents? Then try out our new Perfumer's Mixology Palette. This kit features 12 our beautiful glass roll-ons each filled with beautiful scent!  We also include an instruction to get you started and 5 recipe cards for recording your favorite blends!
Fragrance Triangle & scent strips. All oils are perfect for layering.
All fragrance notes included in the Perfume Mixology Palette are pre-diluted (20% Fragrance and 80% Carrier oil) and ready to use.
It's new & fun ..Simply select the fragrances you want to blend, then combine them by applying a circle of oil on your wrists from each scent. Just think of the possibilities for making your unique blend for the day! With 12 choices you could have a unique fragrance to wear everyday!
Any of these fragrance note from the kit can also be worn by itself, or in any combination you desire. Use your creativity to create blends you are sure to love. This kit also make a perfect gift for that special someone who loves to smell different for every special occasion!

These are the essential oil:
Honeysuckle     5 Recipe cards for you records
Rose                    Fragrance Triangle 
Bergamot           Scent Strips
Pink Grapefruit
Blue Musk
White Tea 

Each bottle is labeled with the oils name and notes…comes in a box to store them when your not using them.

$89.99 plus tax & shipping
Call to order  415-987-5946

Included in every kit.

Plus Shipping & Tax
All Perfume Bar Kits are shipped via UPS  3- Day Select
$20.00-$$$$- or much more if it's a larger kit + tax
Paypal Coming Soon!

Personal Perfume Kit..

*30ml rectangle glass perfume bottle
*6 pipettes
*5 formula cards for recording blends
*2 oz perfumer's alcohol
*6 1/2oz essential oils
* 1   10ml Roll on bottle
* Instructions
* 1 Funnel
*  2 oz carrie oil
 Kit # 1
Rose, Jasmine, Violet, Lily of the valley, Honeysuckle, Fig, Green tea & Musk

or other oils of your choice..
Kit # 2  
Vanilla, Tobacco, Honeysuckle, Sage, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Rose & White Tea

$75.99 Plus Shipping & Tax

Designer Body Powder 

Designer Body Powder $15.00 Please call to order:
Chanel                                                   Covet
Miss Dior                                              Couture La La by Juicy Couture
Coco Chanel                                          Daisy by Marc Jacobs 
Chanel #19                                           Doloce Gabbana
Chanel #5                                             Eternity
Chanel Chance                                     Glamorous Ralph Lauren
Coco Masamoiselle                             Glow by Jlo
Coco Mango                                          J'Adore 
China Musk                                          Jessica McClintock
DYNY                                                    Jimmy Choo
Allure                                                     Obsession
Amazing Grace                                    Prada
angel                                                      Shalimar
Anne Klein                                            Tresor
Beautiful                                               Vera Wang
Betsy JohnsonBurberry Brit             Vera Wang Princess
Burberry Touch                                    Wedding Day
Celine Dior                                             White Linen
Chloe                                                       White Diamond
CK Beauty
Coach Poppy 

Please call to order each powder is $15.00 plus Shipping & Tax     415-987-5946

Scent Strips (100)
$5.95 plus shipping & tax

                                             Funnel, Frosted 
 1.55 inches $ 3.99
 plus tax & shipping

Coconut Oil 
A Base for Your Fragrances
Fractionated coconut oil is a common carrier for perfume oils, due to its odorless scent and lack of greasy residue. It is also popular among massage therapists for their massage oils, for similar reasons. Its lack of greasy residue and overall colorlessness also means it is less likely to stain clothing than some other oils.This is coconut oil that has been modified so that it remains liquid at room temperature. The liquid is remarkably thin – its molecules are even small enough to fit through the holes in many atomizers. Color and smell can vary from batch to batch, as with all natural products, but it is typically fairly clear and relatively odorless. 
2oz $7.99,4oz $9.99, 8oz $18.99 or 16oz $29.99 plus Shipping & tax

CORK BOTTLE IS $29.99 each + tax & shipping 

12 Ml Elegant Gold Painted leaf design. Octagonal bottle with Roll on. 
Gold Cap $2.99 each plus tax & shipping

$2.50 each

$18.99 each

# 3 Perfume Bottle 10ml 
$24.99 each

       # 4 Perfume Bottle 10ml
              $28.99 each

+ Shipping & Tax

+ Shipping & Tax

# 7 Perfume Bottle 

+ Shipping & Tax

+ Shipping & Tax

$38.99 each

# 10 Perfume Necklace Bottle
+ Shipping & Tax

To Order Call 415-987-5946 or

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