Perfume Bar Soiree for Events - Occasions for Parties - Burlingame, CA

Discover your scent story…
Sniff * Create * Blend * Name...
Occasions For Having a  Perfume Bar Soiree (Party)

Host A Luxe  Perfume Bar Soiree (party)..

*Girls Night Out
*Wedding Shower 
*Baby Shower
*Sweet 16th Birthday
*Before Prom Party
*Coffee Morning Get Together 
*Ladies Lunch
*Work Event
*Christmas Party
*Valentines Party 
*Mens Night For Wife or Girlfriend *Gift
*Teachers Party
*Just Because Party
*Favors For a Wedding
*Engagement Party
*Prom Before Prom Make Your      Perfume and Many More !

Chanel Inspired 
Perfume Bar Party
for16 guest up to 200 guest 


The Perfume Bar Soiree (party) Experience...

*Spend Amazing time with Friends & Family with wine & food & a unique scent your Very Own Perfume that You Created.
* Learn all about the art of perfume design and how to create your own unique perfume.
* Sample all our Beautiful & Unique fragrance blends of beautiful essential oils.
*Choose your personal scents and start blending them together to create your unique perfume.
*Give your perfume a name- yes, you get to give your perfume a name.
*And before the evening is over we will make your perfume, bottle it, and it's ready for you to take away, and then you have created your Very Own Unique Signature Perfume.
Price Start at $25.00 - $65.00
A $50.00 Deposit
will be charged when booking your Perfume Bar  Soiree (party)
Non refunded if the host cancel Soiree (party) deposit goes toward the Perfume Bar Soiree day of party total.

Different Sizes & Bottles & Blends
& More!


Call and Host You Own Perfume Bar Soiree (party)
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