Custom Blending Luxury Lipstick Mix Bar Parties
Making Custom Luxury Lipstick !

Custom Lipstick:
Lipstick Mix Bar Party (Soiree)
We bring the Lipstick Bar to you for any occasion..
You pick a shade, flavor, blend ,mold it & Name it! Wear it too!

Bachelorette parties, Birthdays, Office parties, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower & More!

Lipstick & Lashes!
Yes you create your own lipstick and name it too & get the beautiful elegant black lashes added & if you want liner too!

Call Now and Book your diy Lipstick Mix Bar Party..
We bring the Lipstick Bar Party to You!

In just 20 minutes
the Lip Color Mixologist helps you create your custom lip color that you will wear and enjoy! You will get to pick the color, scents & finish, then the liquified lipstick is pored into a bullet-shaped mold and places to cool for 5 minutes. Now your ready to take the lipstick out of the mold..Then a empty lipstick tube is pushed down over the lipstick.
And your perfectly custom  hand-crafted lipstick is ready to name & wear...

And your perfectly custom hand- crafted lipstick is ready to be named & wear it ! P

Bridal parties, birthdays parties baby showers,, corporate events & bachelorette parties & many other special occasions.....

Come take part in our all new Lipstick Mix Bar Party experience! Create your own custom lipstick, do it alone or invite your family and friends to enjoy the, New & Unique & Fun  experience with you.

You choose.
 Color. Mix. Flavor. Mold . Name It....Wear it!

Use a Calibrator to Mix & Blend

Your Lips...Your Luxury Lipstick
The Lipstick Mix Bar Party is the very first of it's kind that comes to you for any occasion.. Yes, you & your guest will work with one of our professional lip color mixologist you will be able to choose the color, mix, mold it, name it & apply it!

Lipstick Mix Bar Party
Cosmetics custom created lipstick are made with pure plant wax, botanicals and minerals, Rich oils of jojoba, macadamia nut and avocado, as well as shea butter, aloe and vitamin E are blended together create beautiful healthy lip coverage, complete with spa protection..

Lipstick Gloss

Lipstick Mix Bar Party...
As your leave the Lipstick Bar Party we have every client sign out with a kiss of their new Lipstick & Lips and signtheir names & the name of their new lipstick color!

Lipstick & Lashes!
Yes, create your unique lipstick and name it too & get your beautiful elegant black human hair lashes added to your beautiful eyes & if you want eye liner too!

Finish the perfect look! With your New custom Luxury Lipstick!

Lashes $20.00
Liner   $5.00

Host your Lipstick Mix Bar Party
Invite your family & friends to a New, Unique & Fun party. It's  great for birthdasy, bridal showers, baby showers, office parties, bachelorette parties & more....

Step 1
Your Perfect Shade
When we arrive we will sit down with your guest and our Lip color mixologist for a color consultation. Your mixologist will start blending together the different shades just for you. Once you have the custom perfect color, you can pick the following options:

Step 2
Your Perfect Finish
Create a luxuriously silky lipstick, enrich it with conditioning botanical oils or add a protective sunscreen.
Texture whether you create lipstick, lipgloss you can make it cream or matte, sheer, shiny or even glittery...

Cream Base - Smooth & Buttery
Matte Base -  Matte yet moist
Butter Base-  Glossy sheer & hydrating          

Step 3
Your Perfect Flavor
Choose from many of the delectable flavors that taste as good as they smell....

Pink Champagne
Parisian Rose
Raspberry Truffle
Exotic Spice
and more.........

The Prettiest Packaging
Choose the lipstick tube pretty Black with silver or Pink with gold both are very stunning and unique...

Name it!
Then when you are all done .... you will name it and save your formula so you can make it again or call us and we can make it for you...

The Lipstick Mix Bar Party Price List

Lipstick $40.00 per person
2nd lipstick $35.00

 Extras Added   
Flavors $3.00 each if added
Additives $3.00 each if added
Plumping, sunscreen, silky conditioning

Call 415-987-5946

Travel fee & parking fees added if there is a pay parking,  and 20% gratuity will be added to the total amount...

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