Perfume Bar Soiree for Events - Dog Perfume & More! - Burlingame, CA

            Perfume Bar Soiree

Yes we have a New Doggie Line
of perfume for your pet. Essential oils for the health & Designer perfumes for their couture sideband to smell good.

Calming oil
One of Dog Fashion Spa's best selling products! Best kept secret to help dogs who are afraid of thunderstorms, baths, are generally uneasy or anxious.Discover a 100% natural way to help relax and calm your dog. Dog Spa pure essential calming oils deliver aromatherapy for your dog, capturing the essence of Quality Life for Dogs®.If your dog is uneasy or nervous because of separation anxiety, traveling in the car, on a plane, or afraid of thunderstorms, try using Dog Spa precious blend of essential oils to provide all-natural relaxation. or use the essential oils to create a relaxing, spa-like environment for any dog! Dogs, just like humans, tremendously benefit from aromatherapy and deserve a relaxing dog spa day!

Call to order $15.99 plus tax & Shipping

Oh LaLa Perfume Chanel Dress

Black or Grey

Call to order  $45.99 Plus tax & Shipping 

Vintage Perfume Dress

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$45.99 plus 
tax & shipping

Inspired Designer Perfumes 

Spray Fragrances made with the same quality fragrance oils used in human colognes. Safe for dogs and cats.
Arfmani - Elegant, hints of citrus and spice.
Beautifur - An excellent perfume developed for your "beautiful" pooch.
Bono Sports - If you like Polo Sport your pet will love Bono Sport.
CK-9 - Light and fresh with citrus undertones.
Cool Dog - A quick fix for that wet dog smell.
DGNY Bone-D-Licious - Dogs of New York. "Be Bad, Be Delicious, Be your Own Dog."
Timmy Holedigger - Not related to the popular "Tommy Hilfiger."
White Dalmation - Feminine and alluring.
Woofy Little Princess Barker - Not related to  "Lovely" by Sarah Jessica Parker
Aqui Di Dog DOGGIO ARFMANI - Not related to Acqua Di Gio
Pucci - Keeps your best friend like a million bones
True Dog by Timmy Holedigger - For girl dogs was developed for your little goddess. Let her tease the boys.. let her own the catwalk
Miss Claybone - An elegant perfume developed for classy female pets. Not related to Liz Clairborne.

Bone Envy - Designed for that sexy, four legged friend in your life. It has an alluring scent that will prime your passion and jump start  your engine of desire. Not affiliated with GUCCI or Envy.
Aramutts - Created for the discriminating stud in your life. Made with fine ingredients, this high class canine cologne has a noble scent. Imitation not affiliated with Aramis or Estee Lauder.

$17.99 plus tax & shipping
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